Bahrain. Where art creates history

From the ancient civilization of Dilmun to the skyscrapers that are changing the Manama skyline, art is embedded in the social fabric of Bahrain.


Arts and Crafts

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Includes pottery and ceramics, pottery colouring, eng...
Includes the swords, daggers and traditional coffee p...
Including traditional chests, architectural crafts (c...
Jewellery in Bahrain
Pearling in Bahrain has not been solely a source of i...
Plant-product handicrafts
Included paper from palm trees, basketry, floor mats ...
Arabic Calligraphy
Islam has had the greatest impact on the spread of ed...
Glass Industry
Included stained glass, glass mirror colouring and gl...
Including woven fabrics for men and women's clothes, ...

Mosaic Bahrain


Pottery in Bahrain

The pottery industry is one of the industries that Bahrain has been famous for since old times and whose outspread since thousands of years

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Fabric Weaving

Fabric weaving is one of the ancient traditional crafts with deep roots in the history of the Kingdom of Bahrain as it has been known to

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Ship Building

Dhow Building

Dhow building is one of the traditional industries that the sons of the Kingdom of Bahrain are famous for since old times and which

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Kids how I became a

Rug Rug Discover how a Rug is made.
Dhow Dhow Discover how a Dhow is built.
Basket Basket Discover how a Basket is made.
Doll Doll Discover how a Doll is made.
House House Discover how a House is built.
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